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“In Rest and Motion” p: 72(1) – (2)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 14 Menachem Av, 5774

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Page 72(1)

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How is it that the functional level of the soul in the body represents the Godly image.

The garment has the ability to increase the revelation of the soul...

The root of the garment is very high.

Essence is the most difficult to translate into sechel and thought. We need to rise up to the finest element of chochmah/wisdom. The finest element is what you know internal to yourself and it cannot be explained...

It does not translate externally.

All is a Godly creation. Nothing is accidental. Everything has a meaning for its creation. And thus the soul has a constant wanting to be what God made it be... that is its essence, not a looking for self-worth...

Essential faculties are due to the soul being active at an essential level. The activity is not what the soul is, but due to the truth of what the soul is. Essence stands for something.

A means to relate to this is sunlight... light to the sun is like darkness to the earth... Essence means an essential truth that only God can provide. The soul is an essence and has essential faculties. And then there is a garment that the soul creates... it is superior to even the essential faculties...

The root of the garment is from the essence of the soul.

The sun rises and the world becomes light. It is not due to the energy emenating from the sun. It is the presence of the sun per se that makes it light. How? Because the sun is an essential illumination... It is the truth of light.

So the essence automatically transforms the entire environment to its truth...

The human presence in the world is essential. He has a God given mission to be in the world. In a man's home, the entire place is affected by his presence.

The presence of a human being in his home is on the level of essence. The home is representative of him in truth, not just a place to place his shoes. This essence element is much higher than the effect it provides.

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