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“Soul & Body; Soul Garment” p: 72 (1-2)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 12 Menachem Av, 5774

Page 72(1)

At just below the middle of the page –(line begins, “al ha-adam...”) For text, click: Here or see below.

When God said, 'I will make man in my image...' he means as man is here down on earth. But the soul as it is in the body is not its totality as it is in the world of atzilus. Nefesh ruach and neshama levels of the soul are enclothed in the body.

And the higher levels of the soul – chaya and yechidah – are not enclothed in the body down here...

The Zohar brings that man walks in the world with the form/tzelem given from above.

The form/tzelem is the garment for the soul. The garment facilitates the union between the soul and the body.

Through this garment the soul can persist in being present in the world.

It needs to be understood, what is the special strength and ability of this garment that it can connect the soul with the body, while essentially they are completely dissimilar...?!

And how does it happen that all the expressions of the soul are via this garment? And somehow the soul becomes more and more present due to this garment/tzelem?

It is explained that the garment has a superiority over the soul that it contains. The garment for the soul, is rooted above the revelations of the soul and its essential faculties (chaya and yechida)!

The garment is superior to the faculties of the soul.  It is superior to the soul itself.

Its root is in the essence of the nefesh, which is above faculties and revelations. So thus it is in its ability to bring out all the revelations that the soul contains, and connect the soul with the body.

The root constantly provides nurture from an infinite resource.

So chassidus describes that when you throw a stone, the power that initiated its flight continues to carry it.

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