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“Eat to Live” p:9/7

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Adar 5775 

Page 9 of pamphlet – (at top line of the page. Line begins: 'ku...') , Page 7 in the book. For text see below.

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The soul includes faculties, but they faculties are not part of the soul itself. The faculties are not just contained in the soul, but they are inspired by the soul.

We are contrasting sechel/mind to ratzon/will. Mind works with inherent limits, which is not the case with ratzon.

There is a human quality to all of a man's activities. This 'human quality' is also all encompassing...

The aspect of will, gives support to the level of mind/sechel.

At the level of mind, there are contrasts. At the level of will there is no contrast.

Sechel/mind by definition has a limited expanse.

Think of eating. You use a plate. At a table. With utensils. Each of these elements are like elements of sechel/mind associated with eating. And these elements of 'decency' are supported by the fact that you are a human being. There is a sechel that understands the proper way to do things. The soul has contracted itself to the degree that mind can understand it too...

The soul has the principle that there is a correct way to act, since action (not just being) is part of the human being.

The contraction of the soul and the enlivening of the faculties enables the body to act on the soul level.

You can move from place to place because you have a soul. You are not fixed in place by your environment. You are not fixed to your physical place. You are not fixed to your psychological place.

Mind comes with definition. It is our highest faculty, but it is created by contraction of the soul.

The communists defined mankind on the physical/functional level. This is imprisonment.

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