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“The Same; Different” p:9/7

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Adar 5775 

King David with his harp...

Page 9 of pamphlet – (at top of second paragraph. Line begins: 'vezeh-hu...') , Page 7 in the book. For text see below.

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We have seen how nefesh/soul influences the faculties. The faculties are contained in the soul – they are individual faculties with definition and sub-divisible into components at the same time there is a soul influence that allows them to function.

Every mitzvah/connecting deed is from Him. And each one has its own significance and place. The intention behind them differ, because the reason and secret behind each is different.

And the sages say, 'don't weigh/judge and compare the mitzvoth', since the most seemingly insignificant and the heaviest are all equal. The lack of different is due to the will – His will – that is contained in the mitzvah, which does not come in a finite way and is not sub-divisible, and thus all mitzvoth are equal in this regard.

But from the perspective of the intent and reason, there are different levels.

This is to say there is ratzon/will and then there is sechel/mind. And at the level of ratzon there are no differences.

Think of a house. It demarcates space. The space it contains remains unchanged! The demarcation allows you to relate to that reality.

The underlying spirit of wisdom/chochmah is oneg/delight.

Oneg/delight and ratzon/will both allow for misconception. Everyone knows sechel/mind is not my personal perspective. It relates to truth and sometimes goes against my personal preference. Oneg and ratzon seem to relate to personal perspective – what I want and what I delight in...

We are mislead by the terms 'will' and 'delight'. We perceive them to be the result of mind/sechel, rather than the authors of sechel/mind.

In a worldly perspective, personal gain, seems to be the prime human quest. This is because we perceive of reality as that we can identify and then we place will and delight as derivatives of this reality. But this is fabricated will and delight.
The reality of oneg and ratzon is relating to the higher reality. The soul knows reality 'cos He provides it, not because the lower sechel/mind provides for it.

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