Thursday, August 20, 2015

“Initial Reality” p:22-23/17

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Tammuz 5775  

Page 23 of pamphlet – (At 3rd line from the top of the page. Line begins: 'komma...'). Page 17 of the book. For text see below.

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We are saying that the human being is a Godly creation. He has special qualities. He needs a home. Without one he does not give expression to his full humanity. He has a task. A mission. He is not a monkey or an elephant. He is not a smart animal. He is a Godly presence in the world.

And there are various ways that this is expressed. One way is his home. He has a stake in the world. He has a place that is his – renting or owning. He is anchored.

And all the tools he uses are representative of who he is.

He lift up food to his mouth. He is aloof and raises the food to him. He eats by small amounts. He doesn't get pulled down to, or into the food.

The chocham/wise man is identifiable by how he does everything – eating, walking, sleeping etc.

Earlier today we used a metaphor: you have table in the home – it serves the human being. It is conceptualized in the human intellect. It is brought into the dining room, that accepts it seamlessly. The dining room was expecting the table.

So even though it is made of wood – an extraneous material – and it is structure – yet it is fully united with the function for which it was made. It achieves unity with the room that houses it. This is like the vessels of atzilus.

Yet the table can be taken outside. This means that it can have representation in a realm that loses connection to source – this is like the way that vessels can come down into the 'created world'.

Our world is the world of 'asiya' – the created world – where it is not apparent how things are connected to their source...

and the real table is there even before it was built and brought into the dining room. This is the conceptual level – this is the truth level.

The principle of the initial reality is the source of everything else.

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