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“Darkness Removed” p:25/18

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Tishrei 5776 

Page 25 of pamphlet – (At 3rd paragraph of the page. Line starts: 'umnum...'). Page 19 of the book. For text see below.

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We are dealing with the topic of vessels and light.

Light is not a 'new creation' – rather it is the revelation of what was concealed. The vessels are a creation – they are a 'step down'.

Now regarding this principle – the verse says, 'wisdom is found from ein/nothing' – saying it does not pre-exists and comes as a novel find... So it is like a new creation... compared to its source it seem to be like a new creation...

Imagine finding a treasure – a billion dollars – it is new to you, but it was not created in the moment you found it...

So the wisdom is not really new. It is new to you. Why is it not really new? It has a place to be. This is in contrast to the way that physicality come on the scene without any preparation.

This is in contrast to the wisdom/chochmah which is new 'on the scene', but is a little like light in that it is attached to its source...

We are looking also at the difference between daylight and light. Daylight removes darkness. Everything becomes visible. Concealment is removed. By contrast light addresses this and that object, and darkness remains at the edge of the illuminated area.

We are looking at this difference between light and daylight, to clarify the difference between gilui ha helem / revelation of concealment, and a novel presentation (which is like yesh mi ein [something from nothing]).

Daylight is like gilui ha-helem – it removes darkness. Everything becomes obvious.

So if it is there, why was it not seen before? How does darkness conceal? What state is this where something is there, yet it is not seen? You don't see it, “'cos the object is there, not here!”

And seeing it means, it is brought to you over here – this is by means of light. Then there is another way of seeing: things are here, 'cos He makes them, and all are in His domain, and thus the separation between things and places is disappeared! The darkness is removed and you see the whole world. You see things not 'cos they are 'over there', but because they are in your world...!

This is the difference between daylight and light.

Daylight removes the darkness and you see the entire world. You see things in their place. Your place and their place is the same! This is an experience on the physical level of the Godly presence!

If people believe they 'make their way in the world', they are continually in a precarious position, struggling to secure their position. But if you sense He places you here and provides then you know you cannot lack for anything and what you have cannot be taken from you...!

So atzilus there are lights and vessels. The vessels are created in the 'world'...

The light that preceded the contraction is the light that is there because the Essence is there.

The contraction removed the reality of light and brought it back in a directed, defined manner. It comes in a kav/line. It still represents the same thing.

The kav itself is representative of the light from before...

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