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“Show Me Slowly What I Only Know the Limits Of” p:24/18

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Ellul 5775 

Page 24 of pamphlet – (At second line from the top of the page. Line starts: 'yesh lomar...'). Page 18 of the book. For text see below.

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We said that after the tzimtzum there is a supremacy of the vessels over the lights.

One metaphor to illustrate this is 'the master saying the same words as he would use in explaining to a student, but he's saying it unto himself. And in this way the student would not understand in the same way as if he was being addressed directly.'

What is the difference if the same words are used. If the master/rav is talking to himself, there is a direct connection between the concept and the expressed words. The student is not able to sense the sechel/concept in this.

But where there is interruption and the rav thinks, 'how will I express this to the student' then there is a difference. He's now saying it 'the way he wants the student to understand'. This is what makes it possible for the sechel to be absorbed in the words and transmitted.

The difference: as it is unto the rav it originates on a level above concept/sechel. This is a level only the rav sees and cannot be transferred to the student. But when teaching the student the rav builds on sechel (not ratzon/will).

This is tzimtzum, 'I step away from my own truth and look at how I can communicate it to another, who does not have this perception'.

This is to demonstrate the light coming through a tzimtzum/contraction.

God initially made one man. So all the people in the world continue to represent him.

So the vessel is much easier to understand. You just relate to the tangible reality. Sechel/light here is what correlated the various items/vessels.

The student can only see the trees and not the forest. And the tree view is more fundamental.

But the master works to have the student go from trees to forest view.


This is a tough question. So now tolerate this tough answer!

A smart person can handle complex problems. A computer can handle even more complex problems and do it incomparably faster. Yet, there's no comparison. A computer does not hold a candle to the human being. We want you to understand like a human being not like a computer.

This is because for the human being the ohr/light is more important than the vessel/keili. The vessel is just the means to get the light.

The vessels are better representation of its origin. Better than the light is. It is a better representation, but it is meaningless.

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