Monday, November 9, 2015

“A Thread of Light” p:26-27/20

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Cheshvan 5776 

Page 26 of pamphlet – (At 2 lines from end of the page. Line starts: 'hitpashtuso...'). Page 19 of the book. For text see below.

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The light of atzilus does not reach in to the lower worlds of biyah.

The light of atzilus is dressed into vessels.

This indicates that the light of atzilus is not truly infinite, in contrast to the light that is above atzilus.

This levels that are above the tzimtzum are different. The tzimtzum/contration is that which limits the light. Then a narrow thread of light is allowed through. And this retains a quality of bli gvul mamash (real infinity).

The light after the tzimtzum has a function. The light is coming with a sense of purpose.

The light before tzimtzum has nothing to do with creation at all. It is part of the Essence.

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