Friday, November 20, 2015

“Everything Illuminated” p:27/20

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Kislev 5776 

Page 27 of pamphlet – (At 6th line from top of the page. Line starts: 'hagvul...'). Page 20 of the book. For text see below.

Questions and comments:

We are looking at something that is impossible to understand. The infinite cannot be contained in our mind/sechel. But we can relate to it, since we have a chochmah/wisdom in our sechel that can relate to this infinity.

Before tzimtzum there is no element of 'thinginess'(metziut). Actually, even in this world, everything is a miracle, but we see things in a functional and defined way. As if that is all there is. Yet, in fact, there is Godly, fundamental truth in everything.

Actually everything is created from Above.

And when we see things this way we see that the keilim/vessels too are drawn from the ohr ein sof (the infinite light).

And since we perceive osiot/letters/vessels as functional we have difficulty understanding how they can exist above the tzimtzum...

It is inherent in the chochmah/wisdom, and a testimony to its completeness, that it can come down into the definitions and specificity of binah/knowledge.

After class some of the key concepts were discussed and clarified:

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