Wednesday, February 3, 2016

“Blown into Me; Relate Through Silence” p:31/23

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Shvat 5776 

Page 31 of pamphlet – (at about the 10th line of the page. Line starts: 'besvarah...'). Page 23 of the book. For text see below.

Questions and comments:

The Rebbe is explaining that when a higher level of mind/sechel is dressed in a lower level, it assumes the parameters of this lower level.

The mind in the brain cannot think of a concept devoid of its physical parameters.

The will/ratzon, experienced in the human being is inexplicable.

The level we can identify is 'the will to live'.

And when you think about it, you may say, 'I want to live because I like a good cup of coffee...'

This is not true. It is a soul thing. It has nothing to do with the body. He blows the soul into the body. By His will the soul and its will is present and functions. It is a Godly reality above any worldly experience. Yet it is very real.

The ratzon/will is reflected in chochmah/mind and it says, 'yes, there is a reality to life'.

The hidden chochmah (chochmah stima) is above any worldly experiences, but it is mind not will. It is above any human contribution – it is the effect of the ratzon. It is exclusively due to the will.

The higher chochmah (chochmah ilah) is a superior way of seeing the world. It relates to world. It relates to the context of world. There are 'triggers' for this level of chochmah.

The hidden chochmah enables the higher level chochmah.

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