Wednesday, February 24, 2016

“Economy of Abundance” p:32/24

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Adar א 

Page 32 of pamphlet – (top line of the page. Line starts: 've-im-kol-zeh...'). Page 23 of the book. For text see below.

Questions and comments:

We said the lights/ohrot do not have a definitive factor and are simple, certainly relative to the vessels. The lights represent the infinite light (ohr ein sof).

Ohr means light. Ein sof mean infinite. And if you say infinite light it sounds like an extension of light that goes on ad infinitum. But anything that is cumulative is not infinite. Ein sof is a principle unto itself. It is not a sum total of many things.

God created a human being as a way to understand this. He is made in Our Form and Our Likeness. Man is small, but he has a God-like truth and reality.

An examination of man's capabilities and talents would not indicate ein sof. Infinity is not cumulative. Ein sof applies to the truth of His presence. This means that His presence is not 'supplied' and it cannot be depleted or withdrawn. It is truth.

This is within the essence.

And then there is the light.

The human presence in the world is not measurable in any way. Not in terms of accomplishment nor in terms of representation.

His presence is infinite and cannot be measured in worldly terms.

This is where we have to employ our intelligence/sechel. This is light. It does not have definition. It cannot be grasped by hand.

You may merit to appreciate it. But you cannot grasp it.

The word 'infinite' is used for lack of a better world.

Who is suited to partake of the Godly creation? The dog? The cat? No, the human being, who has the ability to appreciate where he is and what he is.

Our challenge: despite the fact that daylight is an infinite quality, it also has a functional element. Only the human being can relate to the functional element on the infinite level. If he loses that perspective, he's on par with the cat.

And there's darkness. And it is on par with the light in being a Godly creation.

There are multiple lights – 10 sphirot – the full compliment of the essential reality. And from a vessel perspective we can see this. But we go beyond this and say from the light perspective they are also definitive.

There's a functional wisdom in a human being, whether he knows it or not. It is not expression dependent.

When the light comes through a line/kav then the 10 sphirot surface.

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