Sunday, October 30, 2016

“Life Unified” p 55

I'm Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777. 

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Page 55 [of the pamphlet] at 8th line. (P42 in the book)

Each letter is a specific faculty and vitality. They join together as a result of a higher light that combines the letters into a word.

The power to join the letters is from a singular source in the soul.

It is not due to the letters themselves. It comes from higher than them.

There are 2 levels of this – the light that allows itself to be contained in the letters... but essentially the joining of the letters is due to the light that is remote from letters and definition.

Letters have a physical presence. The parrot can repeat words. But the parrot just repeats the sounds without a sense of the significance. For the human being the words and letters are a means to express something... this is the light that is within the physical word or letter.

There is a light rooted in the soul that is the source.

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