Thursday, October 6, 2016

“Master & Student” p:55-56

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Tishrei 5777 

Page 55 of the pamphlet – (at last line of the page. Line starts: 'neyleh...') [page 42 in the book]. For text see below.

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The topic under discussion: the Alte Rebbe's description that each sphirah is 'download' of specific life/chayut. And that when there is a combination of sphirot there is a higher light that unifies them.

The metaphor/mashal for this is the master and his student.

The master cannot merely present the sechel as it is to him – it would be beyond the reach of the student.

The rav/master has to reformat the sechel to bring it down to a perspective that can be presented in the framework of the student.

To accomplish this takes a higher faculty. A faculty that is higher than that needed to comprehend the sechel in the first place. 

This is because the sechel is getting 'exported' to a place where the framework doesn't even exist. This is in contrast with where the sechel is within the master and is connected to the source.

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