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“Concrete Presence” p 56

Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777 

Page 56 [of the pamphlet] at middle of the page – line starts: 'veyeshlomar. (P43 in the book)

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It is very hard to present the material – to present what we are learning...

For that reason we are starting again at the middle of the page.

Letters are the equivalent of a 'concrete presence'. For that you need to go back to the source of sechel!

This is what is behind the point of every idea/paradigm/sechel. It is more pointed than the point.

Letters bring the sechel to a concrete presence with ramifications and applications...

An illustration of the way that letters are rooted higher than sechel/mind is the way that the 10 hidden sphirot are treasured and hidden in the ohr ein sof that precedes the tzimtzum/contraction.

After tzimtzum there is a relation to expression/revelation. Before you have the light 'as it is unto itself'.

So you may ask what are the 10 sphirot doin' there are that point? 10 implies a number that is necessary and appropriate for creation – and this is before the tzimtzum...

The letters are coming from yechida level of the soul that is the source of sechel/mind.

We live in a huge world – each element contributes to the wholeness of the world – the tree, the bird, the sun etc... there are innumerable stars – beyond counting... how is this accommodated? How does each star have its own place? Does each star fight for its place or is it assigned to it?

The world really accommodates the stars and each thing...

So too in the yechida she b'nefesh – it is the source of all that is in the soul – every faculty and every sechel/state of mind originates there.

The world gives infinite provision. Each star has a place and a reality. The source of the soul (yechida) provides infinite provision...

This yechida is a Godly presence – unlimited – and unites everything. There is inherent unity, not on a secondary level, just because they happen to be on the same level.

This is why there can be untold number of letters coming from the soul and there is no conflict nor shortage of space – they are representative of the soul.

There is an inexhaustible supply of Godliness... this is the truth of existence... thus the world is an indestructible reality.

There is no conflict within the yechida of the soul – this is a Godly spark – one spark is an infinity. It can accommodate an infinite number of letters.

Anything Godly has total clarity. And infinite accommodation – there is not conflict within that truth.

Letters are higher than sechel/mind. They are also a vessel for sechel and identify the sechel at its source.

The soul of man is sichli – it relates to itself and world – this is part of the reality of the soul. Why does the soul need sechel? It has levels higher than that, but it has inherent the mission to be effective and this is where sechel comes into play. The soul tells you by means of sechel what is going on in the world... sechel is the souls statement to you.

In the source each sechel is a reality in its own right... there is no clash. Only one who senses the soul at that level can bring it down in words.

Meteorites collide by direction, not due to a conflict.

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