Friday, November 11, 2016

“The Basis of Wisdom” p 56-57

Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777 

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Page 56 [of the pamphlet] at last line of the page – line starts: 'vehinei'. (P43 in the book)

We have been talking about how He surrounds all worlds and fills all worlds...

The RAMBAM says that the first principle of chochmah/wisdom is that there is a First Being, who brings all into being – without this all wisdom/chochmah dissipates.

And He is the source, through the 10 sphirot, of the elements of surrounding and filling all worlds.

The light that fills the world [ohr ha-mema'aleh] gives significance to everything. The physical earth has been prepared for man. The wisdom of man translates down into the world of action. The filling light contains a nuance from the presentation of the surrounding light.

The filling light is absorbed within the surrounding light. And both of these are unified within the Infinite Light, blessed be He [ohr ein sof baruch hu].

Lights are ultimately 'dressed in vessels' – and this is a perfect fit between the vessels and the lights they hold. The vessel lends itself to express the nature of the light.

Letters are written with a pen. Written with ink. Ink can be spilled without any connection to letters... the pen can make fine lines, but unto themselves the fine lines do not allude to any idea. They are like vessels. The light needs to be added. The pen does not automatically tell you it will make letters. The lines are like vessels absorbed in the ohr ein sof... by contrast the lights are representative of the light.

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