Wednesday, December 7, 2016

“Soul Based” p 57

Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777 

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Page 57 [of the pamphlet] lower part of the page – line starts: 'veyeshlomar'. (P44 in the book)

We are discussing the root of the 'filling element' within the level of 'surrounding the worlds'. And we asked how it could be called the 'lower' element.

We said that in the light itself, the source is brought along. The source comes with it.

And then there is the level of 'ohr and ziv alone'. This is an allusion to the light alone. Think of the effect of the light, not the presence of the light.

It is in this level of ohr and ziv where the 10 hidden sphirot are contained. It is a statement of 'we are gonna create something outside of infinity...'

We are learning about topics for which we can hardly see any practical value. After you learn this you will no longer have doubts in faith. It brings out the soul itself. It is an entry into a different reality where Godliness is not concealed.

You have a soul. Your soul has faculties. The worldly explanation opposes this – it says that all is based on the physicality of world.

Sight corresponds to chochmah/wisdom. Sight is like a spiritual experience – you have reality without touch! It is more real than touch! This is like the faculties of the soul – living experience.

The faculties are not the essence of the soul. These faculties are embedded in the mind/moach and from there are drawn down to all the limbs.

We know that to get stuff done, a person need inspiration. The inspiration is the vitality of the soul that comes via the brain to each limb.

The vitality of the limbs is from the soul. This is not the arousal of the brain itself. 'I want to prove myself' is not it.

And what do 'faculties' have to do with 'soul', which is the essence of life.

The answer is that the soul has a Godly purpose to come into the body and give it clear and distinct functionality.

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