Wednesday, April 5, 2017

“Point of Light p67”


P 67 [of the pamphlet] at line 4, starting, “…mufshat…”.  [P 51 of the book]

4 lines from the top of the page 

The point becomes a line.  

Tne way this happens is to bring the point to a lower level.

The other way is for the details to be exposed [but not brought down to context] - i.e. the revelation remains in the level of purity of the original point…

Principally the nekudah/point is the first exposure of the light… it has the full purity of the infinite light… and subsequently it goes into a fav/line.

This means the content of the nekuda/polnt is exposed…

Light is the impact of the presence of the essence.  It has an impact without any action nor consequence.  The impact is that there is reality. 

The point has the full impact of this light.  The kav exposes the light… and there is less impact of the presence of the essence… the effects and faculties come to focus…

In the line things become more defined, yet still remain described in terms of their source so the simplicity/pshitus is preserved.

A demand of deeper chassidus is to understand what you don’t understand.  It makes sense, but cannot be grasped.  

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