Monday, June 19, 2017

“Love & Awe” p76

The love and awe in the heart affects the reality of the animal soul…”

“Love & Awe” p76

Sivan 5777

P 76 [of the new pamphlet] 3rd line from the end of the page - line starting “ku…”.  [P 57 of the book]

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The love and awe in the heart affects the reality of the animal soul… it gives the animal soul a feel for Godliness and thus its coarseness and lowliness is weakened.  

The love and awe can go further and even nullify the material focus of the animal soul. 

Thus one should not be satisfied with purely intellectual work/avodah… rather there should be work in the heart too, and thereby the animal soul will be affected.

Indeed there is a great superiority of mind/mochin over midst/emotions, due to the way mind seeks not personal experience, but the reality…  There is greater revelation of light in sechel/mind… 

Godliness can only known by dedication… there’s a First Being… He is not an answer to a question… Godliness is truth unto Himself… only mochin/mind can begin to apprehend this level…

By contrast midot/emotions immediately relate to ‘some type of impact or effect’ and thus the light is reduced [relative to how it is at the level of mind/mochin].  

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