Monday, July 31, 2017

“Intentional Soul” p82

“Initially the light provides the view of multipoint array…”

“Intentional Soul” p82

Menachem Av 5777

P 82 [of the new pamphlet] 3 lines from the end of the page - line starting “al pi ha-naal…”  [P 60 of the book]

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Leaving infinity and getting to the line and points is the element of ‘measurement’.  Measurement is based in the light and the vessels.

Initially the light provides the view of multipoint array… and then when it comes to the level of vessels there is specific identification.

Picture a house.  Then it becomes a home.  This is when it has light.  An owner acquires it and the house becomes a home.  And there’s a difference between when the owner is in his home or when he just owns it from a distance.  

This is to identify the difference between ha-arah/reflection and atzmus/essence. 

A reflection extends itself away from the essence and deals with any obstructions it finds.  The essence stays where it is.  

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