Tuesday, July 11, 2017

“Not Really Worlds Apart” p79

The lights become completely invested and united with the vessel and give it a light quality.”

“Not Really Worlds Apart” p79

Tammuz 5777

P 79 [of the new pamphlet] 3rd line from end of the page - line starting “kule…”  [P 59 of the book]

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We are talking about ‘world level’ separation.  Up till now we have been talking of different soul faculties.  Now we are saying there is division between worlds - each world is a full structure - it is not just functional.  

Yet still it is maintained from the light and vitality that comes from above.

We call it a world due to the differences between the one and the other.  

We will now look at 3 human worlds - the head, the body, and the leg…

The head looks to that which is higher.  The leg by contrast deals with that which is lower.  And the body is between the two. 

The power of the leg is the lowest faculty of the soul.  It pushes against the ground.  It has the least amount of ‘soul content’ - it is fully dependent on the environment [while at the same time being inspired by the head].

The soul is complemented by having the faculty of walking…

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