Friday, March 2, 2018

“You See Sky” p106

“The world is only here because He wants it.  It has no other reason for being here.“

“You See Sky” p106

Kislev 5778

P 106 (of the pamphlet) at top of the page “shê hu inyan”  [P 78 of the book]

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Wisdom / chochmah by its nature recognizes Godliness - the First Being - who has no cause.  

This is similar to sight - you see a view due to its truth element, rather than its impact. 

A view of the sky remains where it is.  It cannot really be described.  

This is wisdom/chochmah.  And the chochmah of the level briah [creation] is different to that of atzilut [emanation].

Emotions have a ‘self’ experience.  Mind, by contrast, is fully dedicated to getting that which is given to it.  And mind/mochin has 2 levels.  1. the essential mind, and 2. the level that pertains to emotions. 

Essence is a level beyond world.  So what do we mean that there is a level of mind/sechel that relates to essence?  The world is a creation.  It did not evolve.  It was intentionally created by a creator.   

So there is an essential principle in what He has created.  The Creator’s part in His creation is the essence. 

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