Thursday, April 12, 2018

“Blank Out For a Moment” p108

“Sechel [mind] is not created in the worldly environment.  It comes to the world, but is not a product of the world.“

“Blank Out For a Moment” p108

Kislev 5778

P 108 (of the pamphlet) 4 lines from end of the page “ve-gum”  [P 81 of the book]

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We are talking of mind [mochin].  It reaches into the purity of the soul itself and any other faculty will be a distraction.

For a new insight the vessels have to rise up and sense the new insight in its own abode. 

This is seen in the moment of quietude that precedes a new insight.  

He goes to the truth beyond functional vessels.  He raises his ‘vessels of mind’ [kli sichli] and tells them what he sees.

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