Monday, April 16, 2018

“On the Road” p109

“Mochin/mind is a creation of God and it is based on Him.  Mind senses that which is beyond itself.  Mind is not based on worldly reality.“

“On the Road” p109

Kislev 5778

P 109 (of the pamphlet) At middle of the page “gum”  [P 81 of the book]

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There’s a great difference between mind and emotions.

The essence of mind/mochin is ‘unto itself’. 

Without ‘someone else’ emotions disappear - they become latent - not exposed.

In solitude there can be arousal of emotions, knowing that there are others to benefit - this is the case of Avraham who was coined that he was not able to serve wayfarers.  

You may think that wisdom and understanding [chochmah and binah] are for the sake of the world because they need to affect the emotions in a proper way…

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