Wednesday, May 1, 2019

“Living There” p150

“There is an inherent reality and all that occurs is only a manifestation of this.”  
P 150 (of the pamphlet) At last paragraph of the page.  Line starts, “v’al pi…” [P109 of the book] 

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The surrounding light is the foundation of the internal levels [ohr pnimi].

On entering an empty home you see that people live here.  By contrast if you see a man in his home you have a ‘first hand’ experience that someone lives here.

These are 2 ways of knowing.

In the first case no-one is present.  Your sense of this being someone’s home is not as direct as if you see the occupant himself.

The Creator of the world has granted the human being a place to live.  It is his not due to occupation.  The whole presence of the world announces this. 

A house on Mars is an imitation.  A house on Earth is the real thing - the Divine creation. 

God creates on the basis of the spirit - the true foundation.  

There is an inherent reality and all that occurs is only a manifestation of this. 

All that man does, is a revelation of what the earth is and what God has created. 

The surrounding light [makif] is the inherent reality - as opposed to the manifest.  The initial concept is the makif - the true basis.   

Makif means the inherent reality that is representative of its source.  

Man represents the divine presence in the world and has an inherent reality.  

Makif represents the Source of sources. 

You cannot create something with out a point.  The point is His imprint of truth.  

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