Here are audio recordings (prepared by Yehoshua Levin) of classes R' Abba Paltiel has given on the topic of 'prayer' - tefillah.

Just click and play to hear the classes.

For the first three classes see the links below - you will be able to listen online (you may be prompted to download the Google Drive Music Player) or download to your device. 
  • The first class is titled Modeh Ani ('I acknowledge'), which are the first words said on awakening in the morning. To listen click here.  
  • Here is the second class - "From Him - Unify" - click here.
  • And and here is the third "Beyond Purpose" - click here.
And here below are arranged the rest of the classes. The series is current and a class is added each week. 
Just click and play to hear the class...  These have been prepared by Yehoshua Levin and Mikhail Pais:

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