Friday, October 31, 2014

“Stairway to Heaven” p:72(13)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 7 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(13)

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Light creates the world. But as we know light it is an intangible presence. We think of light as revealing existing objects. But objects are not based on their physical existence. A table has a presence not due to its 4 legs and a board, but due to the human spirit – this is what holds it up.

So too, a human being. What holds him up? It is his spirit – his chochmah that holds him up. That is the strength behind everything else...!

we must realize that the life is the real thing that everything represents. The life element is the human being – not his bodily structure.

So if life is a spiritual reality, how does it relate to the physical world? There is no physical world – it is a creation – God gives it a reality.

You get up and walk because you want to. This is the Godly spirit. You base your life on meaning, not on feeling. If you base your life on feeling, you collapse into nothing...

Chochmah is a specific light, and kav is the basis of worlds in general.

The kav is the Godly light – the Godly presence... it is the force that creates everything in the world.

The kav remains connected above to ohr ein sof, and thus retains a quality that precedes the tzimzum...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

“Real Presence” p:72(12)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 6 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(12)

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The chochmah has the sense of 'there's nothing, but You'.

Essence is the real thing (emitit ha-yesh). We have noted that physical matter cannot be destroyed. There's a truth to things. Essence is the truth of this. Physicality is rooted in essence. It has a quality of truth, of real presence.

And so in contrast He is the true 'something'. He gives the reality to physicality. And this means that anything less than truth is a non-entity.

This is like the difference between a king and everyone else...

With bitul/humility you see from the viewpoint of the One showing you and not from your own perspective.

The effect of the sense that 'compared to you, all is considered as nothing', is that our people are able to say, 'we will do, and we will understand', at Mount Sinai.

We are able to know that there is only one truth. Truth that is there not due to our knowledge of it, but due to its own truth. This is due to the cleaving – the way chochmah cleaves to truth.

“Nothing Compares to You” p:72(12)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 6 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(12)

At about lower quarter of the page – (line begins: 'kulo klo chashiv...') For text, click: Here.

You may think chochmah 'imagines' the truth. This is where the cleaving comes in. Chochmah is unified with the source, and does not say, 'look at my wisdom, look at what I know of the source...' Chochmah refuses to acknowledge its own presence. It has what the source gives it. It thus has the truth as given, and not as projected...

In this world it is not sensed how 'there is nothing but You', although that is the truth of the matter. A lower level can be sensed – it is the level of: 'nothing compares to you'.

The meaning of this distinction is that in this world there are discrete entities, that have the element of 'separation'.

Only in the 'world to come' – that is the Garden of Eden – will the light shine. There will be a revelation of the world of Atzilus, where the light is cleaving to its source.

In the Garden there is the real light itself – not light relative to other things. That's why there it is sensed/known, 'there is none, but You!'

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

“The Real Thing” p:72(12)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 5 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(12)

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We are looking at how chochmah/wisdom which is a functional faculty, can sense internally the absolute truth that 'there is only He and nothing else!' How does it do it? How does it relate to the pure truth as it is?

It is due to the cleaving to its source.

Chochmah has this nature.

Cleaving to its source, means that its own self identity is the same as knowing the source.

As a result of this, the chochmah senses how the Essence is the real thing!

And it knows it the same way essence itself knows it.

If you take think from you own perspective exclusively, you don't have the real thing. You miss the whole point.

The wise man says, 'I choose the king'. The people ask for a decree from the king, so that they will be real. This is the transmission of the reality of the king to his people. The people reflect him – they are not an entity unto themselves.

And this is chochmah. It senses that everything you sense from outside has not truth. It senses that the truth is exclusively from the essence.

And that no thing can represent this truth.

Chochmah/wisdom can relate directly to the host. This is like sight.

And this is why we say in our prayers, 'none compares to You'. In this world we don't sense how there is 'none but You'. But we can sense in this world how 'none compares to You'.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“Based on Nothing” p:72(12)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 4 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(12)  (See Bonus Video below notes)

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We have been saying that the light of chochmah already has a form.

The essence of Godliness has no form and no light – nothing representing it. But then there is the decision to make the light. Chochmah relates to the nothing of this light.

Jews are also human beings that eat, sleep, argue and fight etc...! But their personal identity is not based on their personal presence. They say, 'I am based on the fact that God says I am here – so I'm here - that's it!' His doing gives me a real presence. This is how we started in the wilderness when we said, 'our deed is based in Your statement' (na-aseh ve nishmah). This is how I get out of bed – I acknowledge You – I submit, not because I understand. My day is based in the nothing, not my 'somethingness'...!

Due to the cleaving to source the chochmah/wisdom has the quality of ein/nothingness. It is completely based on the source even after it exists.

Its primary orientation is not, 'what am I?' but rather, 'where do I come from?'

Chochmah/wisdom is not, 'what you know...' but the fact that, 'the truth exists...'
See below a bonus video - R' Ginsburgh at Golan's house this past motzei Shabbat... 
מלוה מלכה - א' חשון 

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“In His Source” p:72(12)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 3 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(12)

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We have looked at how can there be such a term as 'adam kadmon' – adam – man is a creation, and kadmon is original...? the answer is that there is a cleaving to the source. It relates to the kadmon/initiating element and thus qualifies to be called kadmon – original...

Daylight is created, not by day, but by the sun... Sun is the essence of light. I the sun the possibility of darkness does not exist.

The light of day, is not functional, but revealing an essence...

So too the adam, by being connected to his source, can be kadmon/original. His sense of his own self is how he is in his source.

We say 'faith' is the basis of human thought, life and activitiy... but it seem fleeting and elusive...? yes, I don't have a grasp of it, but what do I sense? I sense reality beyond creation. And this comes in the form of faith, because it cannot be known. But it is an undeniable and unquestionable reality – that is what faith/emunah brings.

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“Always Connected; On Fire” p:72(12)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 2 Cheshvan 5775 

Page 72(12)

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We are looking at how light stays connected to its source. And this is the difference between 'vessels' and 'light'.

Light is in a constant state of cleaving to its source.

Why does it want to rise upwards? The Originator is the source of reality. Things are initiated from this Source, and the light senses, that's where its own truth is...

There are 4 elements. Earth, water, wind and fire. These correspond to the inanimate, plant, animal and speaking kingdoms in that order. The human being (the one that speaks/medaber) corresponds to fire.

Man stands up on his two feet. This means that he is held up by his spirit. That is his state of being, even if it is more demanding... His connection to the earth is minimal. He does not depend on it. He is constantly representing soul/neshamah, and not body. This is like fire that is connected to its source.