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AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/8/2010 Thursday 26 Tammuz 5770

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In all the matters we have been looking at we are talking about our relationship with Hashem.

There are levels of great variety.

Talmid and mashpia – the mentor formulates a sechel to transmit to the student. The sechel is a message from the nefesh from the mashpia, 'tho it may sound like a piece of logic. The basis of 1+1 =2 is that we sense that this is one world. There is a perfect unity. It is a message from the nefesh. Usually we not aware of this sense of intellectual unity.

To develop a child's intellect, we give him simple statement, that he then develops a feel for – an intellectual reality.

Sechel is something that only exists in sechel. Light is physical, “day” is sechel.

The reason the sechel can relate to day is that we have a nefesh, which is an essence of life, and can perceive the G-dliness in the world. Sechel is a koach of the nefesh.

So everything that a mashpia teaches, is on this level. He gives through his sechel. This is like teaching our children – not just the dry facts.

Sechel brings a real revelation from the mashpia.

The student “wakes up to the idea”, not just because of the mashpia's words, but because he sees the mashpia is alive to the idea. So the relationship is very, very important, even though he is teaching sechel, the sechel is too chitzoni alone – the relationship facilitates getting the pnimius.

In all relationships of mashpia and mekabel there is a primary recognition of, “where this is coming from and he senses something truer than what is being presented to him.” This effect in general is called a makif.

There is such a thing has receiving an effect, but not in revelation. He sees truth exists. Helem achar Helem. “I was 8 years old in Moscow, not even going to chedar, and I looked at my grandfather davening and I said, 'this is the real thing!'”

Makif represents the truth itself. Truth that can be presented, and truth that is self-contained. This second level is makif of ohr chozer, yet somehow it too has an effect – as if one could see the essence itself or the sense that truth exists.

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... וחיי עולם

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