Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beyond making sense

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/22/2010 Thursday 11Tammuz 5770 

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The truth itself is not limited to the constraints of intellect. Something that develops needs to be consistent and not contradictory. The truth that exists is not limited to being free of contradictions.

A mitzvah is pure ratzon and thus superior to torah, but there is an advantage in torah due to it's earlier root in the essence, in the ein sof.

We say torah is chochmah and not etzem, when we are talking about how it comes into the aspect of being an ohr pnimi. This is the interior of the kav and chut that is revealed after the tzimzum. Before this kav/line is tzimzum, and before that there was infinite light filling the entire “space”.

“Filling space” can be thought of an emptiness that needs filling, a process of filling. Alternatively it can be thought of as always present - “everpresent, everywhere” and there was no place to put “worlds”. Worlds involve process and this was beyond that. This is like bringing light inside the sun. The tzimzum concealed the essential presence/truth, that allowed for a “vacant” space, into which to put the world. Kav/line means, multiple sequential identifiable points – thus a presence can be recognized. The kav represented ohr ein sof.

Chochmah is helpful in this regard. It can perceive this truth. It is not “it”, but it perceives “it”. Chochmah is like, “the light of the sun, within the sun” since it doesn't sense that it is sensing something. It is like a perfect observer, yet within chochmah is the beginning of the formation of tziurim/form/sphirot. You can see how what it sees can correlate to the “outside”.

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