Monday, July 19, 2010

Beyond the river that runs through it

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/18/2010 Sunday 7 Tammuz 5770

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Page 34 – sixth line from the top of the page. Line starts “lemutav...”

Torah brings down infinity into vessels/enclothement, since one needs to understand what is being learned. But mitzvot have the ratzon (G-dly will) without enclothement.

Torah has the element of returning a person to the right path. Mitzvot don't have this feature – if he strays it won't bring him back, but learning torah, even in impurity will have the effect of turning him to the path.

The mitzvot are from etzem haratzon. From His essential will. Etzem is not composite, so how does it have a ratzon/will?
Etzem is like open space itself. We say that it reaches it's fullest potential when you begin to use it. When you begin to show what type of things it can be used for. Space in it's neutrality demands that you use it to show it's full value.

Imagine rivers flowing through the land. This provides, vitality and trade etc. So generally the city was on a river. The value of the river becomes evident. It is “wild” terrain, yet it has a certain message.

Essence/etzem is completely devoid of any definition, so how can we discern any ratzon? The essence is not lacking in any way. We tend to think of etzem like a rock – inert and signifying nothing. When we say there is etzem haratzon – we are saying it is based on elokus, since there is no etzem without elokus. There is nothing compelling Him to make the world. There is no concern that without the world He would not be reaching His full potential.

It is impossible for us to understand essence. Sechel observes from outside. Even sight, which connects to the object itself, yet it too is observation from the outside.

Why do we struggle with these issues, since they are beyond definition? As small and precarious as we are we are living a truth. When you have a “piece” of the essence, you have the whole thing – when you have a mitzvah – you have an entire truth. Every moment of life is really an infinity. This goes beyond knowing. We live way beyond our understanding. Intellect is a wonderful thing, but it has to lead you to the truth. While we don't understand essential ratzon, we can relate to it.

... וחיי עולם

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