Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Changing the perspective

End of tisha be av – an impromptu piece of learning with R' Paltiel from the Rebbe Rashab

Chochmah relates to the essence.   

Multiplicity that has to be coordinated goes already into bina.

Chochmah has thepoint of truth. Bina is the grasping and development of the intellect into a formulated manner. This is the difference between chochmah and binah.

The true understanding is at the level of bina. Chochmah doesn't have the full grasp. Yet the the chochmah has the essence while the hispashtus (spreading out) is in bina only.

Sight is knowing the object, not at the knowable level – it is knowing the mehus ha-davar. A lower level is relating to something “as it relates to me”, but sight is the truth of the matter.

This is the real level of yediah.

The inyan of elokus (G-dliness) – one can say, “there's a world and in itself it doesn't make sense. And so the question is addressed. But in chochmah, you get to the point where elokus becomes the reality. This changes the whole perspective of what the world is.

Avraham avinu started by searching into the world. Till he found Him.

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