Thursday, July 29, 2010

An economy of abundance

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/29/2010 ThursdayNight 18Tammuz 5770

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The true root of sechel is tynug. Tynug carries all the kochot. And sechel (specifically chochmah) is the koach from tynug that carries all the other kochot.

When we perceive the purity of the sky, we can see it in 2 ways – in light and in dark. This is the difference between how we perceive reality versus how the world perceives reality. From a world perspective all is developed for its own purpose. In this perception space allows for the house – it is not a participant. Anything that exists is seen to be in a constant battle for the space it occupies.

We have the opposite perception – nothing has to fight for its existence. It is provided for by its Creator on an infinite basis. Not just the space, but also the provisions needed. Air flows into our lungs. We open the mouth and He fills it!

This is a dark world – it is not welcoming – says a worldly perspective. When you walk into a dark room, you stumble upon stuff – that's how you discover the objects. In an illuminated room there's no conflict. No obstacles, everything has its place.

A world in the dark does not really nosay/carry/facilitate all it contains – things are fighting. An illuminated world nosay – facilitates and births all it contains. To bring this to the open is through malchus, in terms of being there it is in the oneg and chochmah.

Pure open space says, “all are welcome, but don't contaminate me” - this is the chesed and gevurah. This is the oneg and the chochmah.

Hashem gives and sets a standard, “I provided you with an expansive land and you profaned it by lying and cursing, you usurp it for yourself, rather than acknowledging that I give it to you”.

Sechel relates to the pure truth. It relates to the nothingness – the untainted pure truth.

To a great extent the flash of chochmah is that “this is explicable” and “there is such a thing as truth”.

How can it be we accept a thought without a full-fledged understanding of it? This is the perception of chochmah. This is the root element. This goes to the level of hi-uli – that there is hardly any definitive element - “nothing happened, but it is part of the truth.” then there is a level prior to this – inside the essence. The world was created with the intent that man live there.

Oneg is this step before hi-uli – this is reality itself and chochmah is rooted right there. Oneg is the truth itself. Oneg is that element in our experience that needs no explanation – it defies explanation. This is why it can be usurped by klippa. It is so pure.

We can't explain what the essence is about. Oneg is the essence.

... וחיי עולם

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