Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Calling your name

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/25/2010 Wednesday 15 Elul 5770

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Page 28 – about middle of the page. Line starts, “shel kol davar...”

Tynug is the existence and life (metziut and chayus) of each thing. At essence existence and life are the same thing.

We see the object, and by indicators we see the life that is in it.

This is like the name of a person – it is external, yet it touches the very essence. The metziut of everything is really its purpose, and the name represents its purpose.

Every human being exists not as an individual, but a part of a community. If one person was missing we couldn't have received torah at Sinai.

The metziut of everything is “it having been created”, not that it is existing alone. It continues to exist only because it is continually being created.

If you exist in space with all your needs being met, but unable to perform your mission on earth, it is a situation of unbearable suffering.

The essence of chayut is this oneg.

In our world everything seems to be a response to a stimulus – this is the most superficial view.

The real truth however is that there is an essential element to our desires.

The world sees life as movement/reaction to something else. This is due to a misconception of seeing the metsiut without the chayut. The real truth is that his metsiut is due to his chayut.

Everything in our world is “in time and space” - if an idea doesn't have a time or a place, it is a non-entity. Chochmah is above time and space and becomes a real presence when it comes into bina and daas.

The oneg is the essential element of the chayut/life.

Oneg is translated as pleasure. One needs to distinguish between “pleasing” and “pleasure”. The oneg that is the essence of life is a quiet oneg – “not that I am experiencing a pleasing event.” There is no need for explanation - “this is in essence the G-dly presence in everything”.

Oneg is that element in everything that is an essential presence, without the need to ask questions of where it came from. The reason a person is alert and responds to stimuli is because of his chayut, and the essence of the chayus is the oneg.

“I bought this ten years ago and I still use and want it – this is like Hashem making the world every moment – it is wanted – this is the oneg of this item. His making it doesn't reduce its metziut, it enhances it.”

... וחיי עולם


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