Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dedication to the King

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/12/2010 Thursday 2 Elul 5770 

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We have been looking at the difference between interior and exterior of the crown.

The inner effluence is intentional. It flows to an appropriate place. The essence itself has this attribute of being mashpia.

From fullness of the service, there will “automatically” result a flow from the element of pnimius.

Fullness of service (shlemut ha-avodah) is not just that everything is done perfectly. It means it is complete. What needs to be done is done, and it is done with complete dedication. There is cognizance of the avodah only, not of personal gain. It is done to be an eved, not to be a better person.

The eved gets the idea that he wants to be an eved, and not “free to be himself”, comes from a pnimi insight. He realizes whatever he accomplishes and does as a metzius, may be satisfying, but it won't be the truth.

The king may need certain things done, but doing something for him is not the heart of the service, the king's desire to connect and the people's connection to him is not on a functional level. The king has no interest in metziut. The connection is on an inner level. The king and the people become one.

Shlemus ha-avodah is the total dedication. No separation between “me” and the “thing that I'm doing” - and there is no difference if it involves a high faculty of mind or preparation of food.

This is the level of shine. On the other hand hamshacha involves a giver and a recipient. When you talk of oneg atzmi, you are talking of something that is present everywhere/anywhere. For it to be recognized you have to be “one with the essence” - this is the fullness of service. Then it shines automatically, since He is present – the King is revealed.

... וחיי עולם

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