Monday, August 30, 2010

Delight in a faculty

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/30/2010 Monday 20 Elul 5770

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Even in simple sechel, the logic itself will not reveal the concept. Take “1 +1”, one is a fact, but that it equals 2 is not part of the physical reality – it is a concept, above the physical.

A sound is a physical stimulus, but the beauty that is in the sound is a human element.

Although the tynug limits itself within the kochot/faculties themselves, and we say there is tynug in sight, but we would not say, “he lives in order to see”...

So it would seem to not involve the whole nefesh, nevertheless the tynug/pleasure that is present in any faculty is not from the faculty, but from the nefesh – it is the whole nefesh that “delights” in this activity.

Our senses have a very physical “cause and effect” property to them, and on its own does not have a real level of appreciation, yet in this is enclothed oneg. You cannot have a living koach without a living nefesh behind it. The physical/mechanical element does not manifest chayut/life of the nefesh.

The oneg aspect, “that is nefesh – that is the experience of life itself and does not become disassociated from the nefesh itself.”

It's amazing that the nefesh itself is limited and involved in the oneg of a faculty.

If a man was in pain he can not take pleasure in anything, so this is showing how the tynug is of the nefesh itself and nevertheless it comes in a limited form into the kochot.

Why can oneg be blocked? How would that happen? This is oneg of the nefesh, and the nefesh is not invested in the kochot – the nefesh remains above even while involved with the kochot, and this is why you can be distracted from oneg of the kochot (while the nefesh at all times maintains its own inner oneg).

... וחיי עולם

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