Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everything is ready

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/26/2010 Thursday 16 Elul 5770 

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We're looking at tynug and why it is the essence. We saw that the metziut is due to the chayut/life that is in it. There is a meaning to every existence.

So this sounds like every metziut is in a state of flux – if it didn't have a task it would disappear. But the koach hayad / the faculty of the hand is always present and doesn't have to be constantly active. We have all our faculties even though they may be at rest.

This chayus when the faculty is not active is due to the oneg that is in it.

A human life is a full fledged experience/entity even if he is at the last seconds of life.

The core is oneg – and this persists at all times.

Here oneg is not “pleasure” in the common sense of the word. Anything that is structure dependent does nor represent oneg – oneg is only that which is true in and of itself.

                             Jewish children with their Rabbi  - Samarkand 1910  Prokudin-Gorskii

Shabbat is called oneg. Everything is ready. Nothing is left to be done. Then we experience the higher element. Nothing is lacking, and nothing can be lacking, and this is where I belong and am connected – there is a profound infinity.

The principle of G-dliness is the meaning of “that which cannot be missing anything – the essential truth, that is there not because it is filling some gap.”

We have a mission here in the world and the name refers to it. Now it seems we're saying this mission is not just functional. Mission means getting done something that is missing. This is how it reflects itself on the mundane level. But at essence the is a background to all that. “I am part of the world and the world is mine – we have an intrinsic connection”.

The element of world is to reveal all that is in essence. So on the one hand we say we're accomplishing and building, on the other hand we're saying, “all of this pre-existed, my building it”.

“Look how smart I am and how much money I will make” - this is not oneg.

“Look at how much the world contains – see the infinity that is becoming manifest” - this is oneg.

Why is the truth missed? He is enticed away from the true meaning.

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... וחיי עולם

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