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Pure Positive

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/26/2010 ThursdayNight 16 Elul 5770

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Page 28 – about middle of the page. Line starts, “shel kol davar...”

Tynug is not the result of any kind of structure or faculty. You can be as wealthy as Howard Hughes and it will not bring you oneg. He might have security, but oneg is not an answer to a negative, it is a pure positive

a rich man builds a palace because he can afford it. The king builds it because he wants it - “affording it” doesn't apply to the king.

The king is based on the eternal nature of his people. Oneg transcends the worldly order of building/structure – it is a fundamental truth in itself. It is a G-dly spark.

It is not a worldly element. Oneg is the chayut of everything.

For anything to have a true presence, it is due to the tynug. It is sustained in life by its tynug.

As we see in nefesh of adam. We see that in all his emotions and faculties and likes/dislikes, the very core that sustains them, is the tynug that sustains them and causes them to grow.

It not for the tynug the midah would stay concealed in the nefesh.

Pinchas Karlinskii - Floodgate supervisor - 1909

Only due to the tynug is he aroused to do chesed. Due to the tynug his inherent chesed is spread and expressed.

Oneg is the “life element” and that's why his nature spreads outwards and is revealed.

Oneg is an inherently active/living element – it is not the result of something else – it is not a response – it is not a consequence. Due to this all the midot that a person have come into revelation.

He sees in this activity the aspect of the truth that his oneg represents. There is something greater than himself that brings it to action – and that is oneg. With oneg it transcends his nature and oneg pushes him to action.

The reason he has a ratzon in anything is that he has an oneg in it. It is easier for us to get a grasp on ratzon/will. It is easier for us to identify – we can conceive of it being present and not present. Oneg is ever present.

“I understand because I want to understand” or you can see one who, “doesn't get it 'cos he doesn't want to get it”.

Though we say a constant tynug is no tynug – this is referring to a finite pleasure. The level of tynug we are talking about is constantly refreshed.

In every experience and activity – hearing sight etc – even the physical sense of touch – is due to the oneg inherent in it.

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... וחיי עולם

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