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A sense of perfection beyond mind

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/12/2010 ThursdayNight 2 Elul 5770

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Page 35 – below middle of the page. Line starts “ha-avodah...”

What does it mean, “to a fitting place” - “so fitting that it automatically unveils, inner crown – the essential pleasure... and there is a give an take, which is usually not an inyan atzmi... “

“This would be like removing the shades from the window.”

When there is fullness of avodah, then there is revelation of the inner level of crown.

Inherent in pnimius is that wherever it will fit it will be mashpia. “Where is G-d? Where you allow him to come in” - if you allow Him in, then there He is.

He is not everywhere, since there is no “where”, and “there is no time and space” - nothing existes except for his true presence. Space doesn't exist, but for Him. It is a complete union, not a mashpia/mushpah relationship.

“I have a great hidden gift” - but He gave us Shabbat already, so it's not hidden. The answer is the hidden pleasure that is inside Shabbat. The essential pleasure that is unable to be reached by solicitation.

Pleasure is the thing in our world that cannot be grasped. It is essential. It doesn't have development. It cannot exist in an atmosphere where there is an element of interference. Oneg has to have an element of truth – not that I made it happen. It comes to me, without my effort. There are real and fictitious levels of this.

Oneg exists in everything. Things making sense logically is one level – it says, “I figured it out – it's not a mystery”, this is chitzoni of sechel. But in sechel there is also the sense that, “things are perfect. Things fit. There's a symmetry.” - this element is beyond the sechel itself – it has an element of oneg in it. Reb Levick said to the Rebbe, “once you know something thouroughly in nigleh, go see it in kabbalah, and this 'rounds it off'” - what is added? Everything now fits. It brings out a sense of perfection beyond sechel.

Oneg, by definition has a higher source than where it is experienced. It is source in perfection – in the neshamah.

There is oneg that is revealed and there is essential oneg.

There are in general 2 levels of oneg – one that is esential, and one that is revealed.

It is hard for us to grasp the idea of oneg. We think of the satisfaction after working for something. We have a tough time thinking of essential oneg – we don't have a means to grasp it.

Serving the king in specific ways can give us satisfaction, but the biggest satisfaction is just knowing you are a servant of the king. Being at the table without the host, is meaningless, even if the food and drink are still there.

A child that grows up in a warm chassidishe home, where everything is done with sincerity and emet, knows that there is constant life going on. The child is not looking for action, life is real and saying the aleph – beis is inherently satisfying. In everything there is life.

In the old country they had nothing, and the home was full of life.

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... וחיי עולם

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