Friday, August 6, 2010

The world as it represents His presence

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/6/2010 Friday 24 Menachem Av 5770

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Page 35 – about a third from the top. Line starts “lo hecharachiut...”

Two things, “its callled an essential measure” - not like a zimzum that reduces the ohr. The whole essence goes through.

And secondly it is not a measure that superimposes itself on atzmus – it is there by choice. “by choice He decided that this is the way he would come through”.

The gevul is actually bli gevul – we have infinity in a finite manner.

This does not counter what was said before that mitzvot are highest. Now we are saying torah is rooted higher. We said tshuvah was beyond measure and now we are saying torah comes through an essential measure.

The answer is that tshuvah also has an element of measure and fits with how torah presents.

To wipe away sin, there must be tshuvah. There are 2 parts to tshuvah. Regret for the past and accepting/affirming going forward.

It this really a measure? Staying on the right track, seems to be the definition of tshuvah, not a measure. The element of measure is in regretting and gaining forgiveness for the past.

This measure is coming from the inner element of kesser/crown.

In tshuvah there are the 2 parts mentioned above, which reflect themselves in a deeper element. There is the person and Hashem. A person may think, “how can I make amends and feel better,” then there is another level, unrelated to this, where he says, “look at the wrong/suffering that I have caused”. There is a halacha that if one steals he has to return the stolen article. But if one steals from a community he doesn't know who to return the article to and cannot resolve the debt he owes.

Serving Hashem is not a matter of “he's the boss”. He must want to serve Him.

This is the level of pnimiut of kesser.

How is the inner level bothered, but the outer level of crown was beyond the difference between good and bad.

Yachid means He Himself, exclusively. This is mutov – a good that is superior to good and bad. But the inner level of it all is tov – an absolute good. This is not “tov/good” as it is known to us. It is not an adjective. It is the essence. This is where tshuvah really comes into play. You want to know that this level of inner crown has not been offended since you want to connect to this level.

... וחיי עולם

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