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“An Essential State of Who You Are” p: 68

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 27 Tevet 5772 

Page 68 – about 8 lines from the top of the page (line starts, 'gum mibechinat...')
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G-d chooses not by comparison.

How did the choice occur. There are 3 knots that are connected – Israel – Torah – G-d.

These attachments exists at all levels – the hidden and the revealed levels. If you have something hidden in your pocket – it is the same coin whether there or on the table. There are things that are His secrets – topics that find full presence in a hidden state. gilui/revealed is when something is recognized from outside - it has an external effect. Sosim is where it is entirely within itself – it cannot be known from the outside.

An example of this is that, 'a human being is a human being and different from all other creations, without even considering the question'... all feel it... what would the world be without humans? It would be nothing! This is an example of hidden knowledge.

There is a level that is hidden even from the primal thought. Susim is a hidden level that precedes thought. One may have a feeling (a feeling of the mind), and you are in touch with the source, and then it is a 'translation' to bring it down into thought... Emunah/faith so fine it is not known to us... it is revealed when challenged. Though is 'well defined' in contrast to susim. Even the thought which is a close companion to the soul and one's inner life, yet is has the element of knowing from the outside. In contrast to the chochmah or other midot, thought is like an external grasp.

There is an inherent awareness that is not conscious. This comes from an 'essential state of who he is and is not dependent on him' – this is how he was made. Some things are so fine that thought cannot hold them – the thoughts contain how that fine element is manifest...  

One cannot know the essence of your soul – if you pay attention you know the messages it sends, the effects of the soul. The very essence cannot be held in thought.

We contemplate something that is impossible to consider! When we received the Torah how did we do it? We said, 'we will do and understand!' This is because they knew they were getting into something that is beyond their ability to relate to it. 'Let Him define it for us'. 

We need to contemplate the principle that, as the Rambam says, 'the foundation of all foundations is to know that there is a First Being who is unprecedented and He is there not due to any functionality or reason. We know He is there not due to any proofs, but directly! Miraculously our souls have this knowledge. The phenomenon of being is a truth not an accident. This is a G-dly reality. The 'hidden of all hidden' it is 'truth in itself' and does not require anything. This is the most important and most difficult principle to relate to. But we know that everything that exists has a truth to it – it is not circumstantial. 

One can explain 'don't steal' at a very low physical level, but it is really rooted in a G-dly truth.

The only way not to be envious of other people's stuff is being connected to his G-dly source.

Know that there is truth in everything.

Essence is 'stimu de chol stimu' – 'hidden of the hidden' – and thus beyond function and any 'contribution' to the creation.

You may think that since it is so hidden and beyond functionality, that it has no content, but the Rebbe steers us right, “not correct at all, it has the most full content – it contains infinity, but not because it 'contains', it is infinite – one way we can relate is 'there's a first presence that brings all into being, from the truth of His presence, all are being created – 'from the truth of his presence', not from some 'creative element' and truth has no limit!” Truth is intentional and not there due to any circumstance.

This is why the Torah could not have been accepted in any other way! It had to be on the level of, 'we'll go for it, and then we'll understand!' 

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