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“Exodus Inc.” p: 67

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Friday 25 Tevet 5772  

Page 67 – 2nd paragraph, about 8 lines from the top of the page (line starts, 'bocher...')

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Israel is rooted in essence. His choice.

This selection and special affinity exists across time – in the best of times and in the worst of times. Like it says, 'I descended into a garden of nuts' – Song of Songs. Like the fruit is totally hidden by the shell that needs to be broken to get to the fruit. So too the souls of Israel, while sunk in impurity of the exile of Egypt, He Himself came down to break the shell with the 10th plague, and to redeem Israel from there. And it says, “did any god ever try to come and take a nation out of another nation?!” and He Himself did it – and not by means of an angel or an emissary.

He did the redeeming... He himself by his malchus/kingship as it is in the essence itself. The Exodus is his project.

We were enslaved and surrounded by the klipa/shells till He redeemed us. This principle is evident in all the miracles and signs that occurred in Egypt. In each plague and sign the distinction was made between Israel and Egypt. 'I well make a gap between My nation and yours', say G-d.

Yet this choosing in Egypt was still in a 'small' way – it was a rescue, but at the giving of Torah the choosing was in a 'great' manner. Israel was selected to be the sole recipient of the Torah. Israel became an eternal chosen nation and this element is increasingly revealed.

At Sinai He showed and shared with Israel, 'face-to-face' – full observation, experience and recognition. As it says, 'the whole nation, see the voices' – meaning they see what is normally heard. And each voice/pronouncement had 2 faces. A face that produced life for Israel and demise for idolatry.

The choice is made at His essential level.

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