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“Gains from Kissing” p: 65

AyinBase with R' Paltiel  Thursday 10 Tevet 5772 

Page 65 – about a line above the middle of the page (line starts, 'et ha metziut...')
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We are saying the chocham/sage grasps the atzilus from the perspective of asiyah.

Sechel allows you to see from a distance, so you are not in that world. So the sage is based in asiyah.

The navi/prophet has a higher basis.

When the navi/prophet is a sage then this creates a novelty in both levels. So too with souls – the souls of Israel that are requesting the 'kisses of His mouth'. They are seeking this advantage. As a result of the kiss will be a gain in the souls' essential connection.

There will be a change in the soul itself. Thus the request for the kisses makes sense!

Two reasons: the kiss comes from a higher level, which is superior to a lower essence (souls are rooted in keilim de atzilus).

Still there is something more to be understood. The request for kisses adresses the future, like Rashi says the kisses refer to teh secrets of Torah to be revealed in the future. Saying that the souls of the future will be asking... but in the future the souls will be revealed in their full glory – higher than atzilut – so why the request then, in the future, for the kisses.

All essence/mehus is connected all the way back to the Source. Even physicality that does not point to a source, which seems to be outside the worldly process of cause and effect, is reflective of essence! All levels of mehus connect back to the source, but their connection is hidden. In the future time all will be revealed and the souls' glory will be seen. So the the souls won't be representative of zivug gufni...

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