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“Holding and Kissing” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 15 Tevet 5772  

Page 66 – about 10th line from top of the page (line starts, 'vechitzoniut...')
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The Kisses are a flow from essence – above a level that can be contained in vessels – from a level above the distinctions between revealed and concealed.

But nevertheless the kisses are still reflection – not essence.

Normally the level of 'reflection' depends on the recipient. This 'reflection' is not recipient dependent – it reflects the essence itself. Still it is not a mehus, not the essence itself.

Thus similar to how it is above – the kiss is a reflection of essence.

Still the question remains, 'when there will be the revelation of the essence of the soul, not the reflection, what will be added by the 'kisses' which are on the level of reflections!?'

The Ramaz in his commentary on the Zohar, writes that, 'when there is union on the level of kisses, then the light from the kisses spreads also to the lower bodily union – that there should be influence of the mehus below, just as the kisses are from the level of chochmah and binah, it causes the essence of that level to be felt below also in the physical union'.

Chochmah and binah are Avah (Av ve'Em) and Z'a is midot and malchus – in our avodah/work, things become a reality when they hit our midot/emotions. Chochmah is like looking from a distance – you're not really there. But though it is from the distance, chochmah carries a very profound message. A child wants to touch everything. An adult can look and see from a distanced and get the message. This means that the topic you observe or understand is so pure and true that it exists even in the place where you cannot touch it. It stands not for its presence but for its truth.

G-dliness is intangible for us. People can say, 'you're just imagining...' and the truth of this is that G-dliness is so true it does not have to be seen in order to be experienced.

A kiss is very significant. When you hold someone you feel the presence/warmth. But the kiss gives more of a connection than the holding. Why? Kisses are an expression of the fact that there is a relationship between these two people even when there is nothing that connects them.

This reflection/ha-arah of kissing represents a mehus/essential level.

Presence in world is only that, 'which came into being'. What type of presence does not 'come into being'? Essence is that kind of being. And we're aware of it. How is it present? Essence is so real that it does not need to come into being. It cannot not be. Its presence is not due to any finite message, but due to the pure truth. Av'a (malchus and middot) have this quality.

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