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“How Can it Get Any Better? Massive Revelation of the Glory” p: 65

AyinBase with R' Paltiel ThurdayNight 10 Tevet 5772 

Page 65 – about a 10 lines above the end of the page (line starts, 'yihyeah...')
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We have been looking at the 'kisses' and why souls desire them. Souls seem to be of a more profound presence than kisses. So why do they want kisses?! The answer presented was that a reflection from a higher level is superior to an essence of a lower level.

When the essence and reflection are present both levels benefit.

Now we are stepping into a deeper understanding of this matter. We learned that the request for kisses will be by souls of the future. But at that time the full glory of souls will be revealed. So what would be the benefit of, or desire for these 'kisses of His mouth'.

So this means that the answer the Rebbe presented above is no longer applicable...  

The time to come will have massive revelation of the glory of souls... so why the desire for kisses then?! How can it get any better?

Since we are now talking of revelation of the essence, in the time to come, there can be no longer differentiation between different levels.

Torah Ohr explains that 'kisses', are the revelation of the essential light that is above the levels of involvement with vessels/containers. 

'Kiss' here is a metaphor for the way the essential revelation will be in the time to come. So if we can understand the significance of a kiss we will be able to grasp what is alluded to.

A 'kiss' is a revelation of love that cannot be revealed in speech. Love is an emotion. It is not essence. How does love compare to essence? Normally ahavah/love has the ability to be expressed in speech. What is the revelation of love that is beyond speech? The type of love that cannot be revealed in speech...

The love beyond words, refers to the tokef/power/insistence of the love that is not possible in words. This comes through in kisses.

An emotion is revealed through sechel/mind – so there is a basis for it. If you talk of love there are already to entities and thus something that connects them. Then there is love that cannot be dressed in words, this is the force or the source... the source that drives the love out into revelation...  

If a friend comes to help you it is an expression of friendship, and it has vessels. There is a cause that is identified. When we say tokef/strength we are identifying a love without external cause – there is nothing external that arouses this love.

Speech is formed inside. A ball is thrown or words are written with the power of the hand – this is an external activity by contrast. The sound is not formed in the mouth. The mouth only re formats the sound. The force of it comes from the hevel of the lev – the breath/force from within... from the heart.

The tone of voice carries the feeling more than the individual words.

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