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“Infinity in Your Pocket” p: 67

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 24 Tevet 5772  

Page 67 – 4 line from the top of the page (line starts, 'ha-atzmi...')
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We are saying that there is an advantage in the essence coming to a level definition or grasp.

This is like 'knowing G-dliness in a tangible/identifiable manner'. The advantage is that one has an real grasp of the G-dly topic.

The focus is to what extent there is the union between the soul and G-dliness. When it has the inner essence it is completely unified, but at that sublime level, the lacking is that on the level of functioning faculties the union would not be present.

When you look at something you see the reality of something and are united with it, but you have it only while looking. If you grasp something and touch it you can put it in your pocket and have it with you, but here the level of unity of lower.

Tfisah/grasp exists on many levels. Here we're talking about the level of chochmah/wisdom. This is not 'grasping with the hand, or saying I know the consequences of this or that, which means you don't have a real sense of the richness'. Muchash/sensed in chochmah means being in connection with the essence of the tynug/pleasure except that it is at a 'grasped' level.

When the essence or pleasure is at the grasped level there is a certain advantage. When at the level of essence, 'it happens to be the truth' but at the level of grasped reality, one senses, 'this has to be the truth'.

This is what transforms the whole world – the Alter Rebbe explains higher and lower union. Above there is 'nothing but G-dliness', but in the lower union there is a world that is nullified to G-dliness. This lower union brings G-dliness into the entire existence... this is chochmah/wisdom.

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