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“Less Defined, but More True” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 5 Shvat 5772 

Page 69– at the top of the page (line starts, 'acheret...')
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Is the souls are rooted in His pleasure, then how is it His choice? The answer is that essence is totally unaffected by the pleasure, and thus not compelled by it – thus essence can choose without compulsion. But the souls are rooted in that level of essence, that we just mentioned – this can only be expressed in the negative – 'it is impossible to substitute them for another...!'

Their root there is not a presence, like in oneg/pleasure, but there is the essential element of essence that it can only relate to the souls of Israel. So we are back to the question of, 'how is this His choice?' and we say He is not compelled in His choosing Israel.
Chassidus explains that negative mitzvoth have a higher root than the positive mitzvoth. The negative ones are beyond taking on any form. This is like the souls rooted in Essence. There is no way to make a positive statement – it is a level of knowledge that cannot be known. It is less defined, but more true.

Yes, indeed there is the negative, 'it is impossible to substitute for another', but still it is not a choice that is compelled. 

David Chaim with his barrels
This is the true principle of 'choice' on the one hand He is not compelled, yet still He chooses specifically and exclusively this way and not another way. If he is choosing and it makes not difference to him - 'I can drink from this cup or this cup', then it is not a choice. Choice here is involving deep reason. He says, “I choose this and I cannot choose anything else...”

The issue of being compelled/nitfas by an issue is not relevant to essence. A human being is a sichli – if not he's not really human. He is compelled by sechel. In atzmus there is nothing compelling so there no way to force yourself there... There is no way that anything can grasp essence and say 'it is primary and exists because of 'such and such''!  
The way essence exists, is 'existence that is not dependent on presence' – there is nothing that grasps Him – existing and not existing are identical for His perspective. The Rebbe explains that the physical is from essence – only essence can make something and completely absent Himself...

the Rebbe Rashab at a fagrengen said, 'G-dliness, can be seen with your eyes. Get me a plate....' and they ran to get him a plate... and then he said, 'no, I changed my mind...!' He had the concern that in what he showed them they would get the wrong focus and be attached to the physical.

Choice has both sides, it cannot be by compulsion, but it must be of importance.  

Nefesh/soul is from the level of ratzon/will – and there is a presence. Essence is above this and not limited to presence. He chooses what he desires, he is not compelled. He chooses to have pleasure from this and not that.

There is nothing that captures His attention. Pnimius hatynug and ratzon / inner pleasure and will don't drive Him.

On Rosh Hashannah we draw down Malchus – His Rulership. And we draw it down from a place where there is nothing – from Essence. We seek from the place where there should be His will and pleasure.

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