Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“Perfect Affinity” p: 68

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 29 Tevet 5772  

Page 68 – at about the lower quarter of the page (line starts, 'tynug ha-atzmi...')

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We have seen how osiot/letters are rooted higher than chochmah – they represent chochmah in its pristine level. Letters are indicative of the essential level in chochmah.

We have seen, 'You were a dwelling place for us' – meaning You are the dwelling place of our souls/neshamos.

The fathers are the root of the souls of Isreal and they are rooted in His essence preceding any process.

Essence has no definitions and no limit to what flows from it. And this is where Israel and Torah are rooted.

Israel and Torah are tied together with Him, since the souls of Israel and Torah represent the essential tynug/pleasure. There is a perfect affinity.

In the fact that the Jewish People have been able, through the exile, to still exist one sees the proof – a continuity based in essence. It makes no sense. It is above making sense. The thrashing that the people sustained has not diminished them. Bees make honey contained in cells in the hive. To extract the honey a centrifuge is uses to separate the honey from the wax - Jews have gone through this kind of spin and are fully identifiable.

The connection is like that the 'full desire of the father, from the essence of his soul, is exclusively for his son, since he is his essence'. It is an affinity not based on qualities.

How does bechirah/selection apply here? Choice implies selection from among various options. It would seem there is not competition in the relationship described! It applies because of the fact that Essence is completely separate even from essential tynug/pleasure.

We are saying the souls of Israel are rooted in the essential pleasure. And now we are saying that Essence is separate from this level?! It couldn't have been any other way, yet he was not compelled to make this choice!

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