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“Soul Dictation” p: 65-6

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Friday 11 Tevet 5772  

Page 65 – 3 lines above the end of the page (line starts, 'al derech mashal...')
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The kisses bring out the force behind the love. The love that is beyond words.

The mouth does not conceal what comes from the heart. The entire force/hevel/breath comes out through the mouth, as it says, in making the world and putting the soul into Adam, 'He blew it into him' and the Zohar says, 'one who blows, does so from his inner strength'.

This blowing comes out by means of the birurim/clarification of tohu/chaos. It is a revelation of what is contained in the level of tohu. 

Great energy landed up in the level of Tohu and these lights can be elevated.

There is a case of a student who is not capable of understanding his teacher, but that is only on the revealed level. The student's faculties are concealed. This is like tohu. The lights are concealed in the level of tohu. This is like the teacher reaching in and elevating the lights.

We said before that sechel/mind is ohr yashar – direct light, and has a limit, but there is a student who puts up a challenge (reflective light/ohr chozer) and thus the sage has to reach in and make a the presentation of sechel/mind before its formation (in its essential state). Thus in this level is sensed the limitless aspect of sechel/mind. This has the effect of the Rav/teacher creating the sechel/mind in the student.

He touches the student as his sechel is rooted in his soul. It its pristine state, not in the formatted state.

In our world we know things by external effect. Then there is sechel. It is in a different category. It is knowing without coming in contact with the subject. You know 'how it should be' and thus, 'you know how it is'. Beyond that, sechel is rooted in the soul. At the essence of the soul is the root of all faculties including ratzon/will and oneg/pleasure. And ultimately the sechel is rooted at this level.

Tohu is the level where the energy has fallen into a low thick state.

The lights in tohu are G-dly lights that were so strong they could not be contained in vessels, the vessels broke and the lights fell to a very low level, because only on this low level can they exist.  

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