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“The Source of Kisses” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 14 Tevet 5772  
Page 66 – 5th line from top of the page (line starts, 'mikoach...')
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The teacher brings an answer from an essential level. In this infinity is sensed. Sechel/mind per se is not ein sof – it is formatted and 'makes sense'. Sechel that emanates from koach ha-atzmi – has the essential quality.

The analog of this above is that this level of sechel, which is above being contained in vessels, is the level of kisses, which come from essence. They are from the level of akudim, which is a level above tohu and tikkun. 

The origin of this type of revelation is from the helem ha-atzmi – that which is concealed in the essence and is above that which distinguished between the hidden and revealed.

We have something from our discussion that points to this concept. We said, 'what would the world be like without a human being?' (see video from yesterday) and without a thought we know that it would be nothing. We cannot imagine not having that knowledge. We know it without asking the question. The question brings it out. The answer was revealed and concealed at the same time since it comes from the intelligence of the soul.

You have a soul that is a G-dly reality. It is not reflecting any circumstance or exposure. The human soul is an absolute. It is beyond the hidden and revealed levels. Nefesh/soul is a living thing. The soul knows what it is.

The kisses, are revelation of a higher light
The shoresh ha rishon / first root; anything that occurs at a functioning level, and we establish it as 'self-justifying' – for example a table is set up with 4 legs to stand, is reflective of a deeper principle truth. The proof is that the human being stands on 2 legs – saying the principle of standing is not based on having a 4 leg structure. And the earth hangs in empty space. So while you are sitting securely on a a chair on the solid floor, the principle is that this is sustained by a G-dly force. The reason we can make a step is because G-d gives us the essential element that 'man can take a step in reality; you should be able to walk'.

The 'kisses' originate there... If you think deeply into the existence of the world you see that it is all a G-dly creation...

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