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“The Value of Making Sense” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 22 Tevet 5772  

Page 66 – 3 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'ha-atzmim...')
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We are going to be looking at the principle that essential 'toys/shashuim' (Torah in this context) when coming down into chochmah have an advantage over how they are in essence.

Humans have aspects at the essential level and also at the practical level.

Take eating. You could say eating is a 'necessary evil'. It is not his primary activity. But this is not altogether true – he is created in such a way, that he must eat. We invite a guest and have a meal together. So too weddings and other joyous moments. We say it is 'eating before Hashem'. Thus the way you eat also comes from your essence. But the way it is in the essence is without any halbasha/form. Because it is a soul quality it also has a practical manifestation.

When something is recognized in chochmah, although it recognizes the essence of the pleasure, yet still it is the recognition in a form – it is a recognition that is 'formatted'.

Like eating – we do it in a way 'that makes sense' and eat neatly also that there shouldn't be a mess, yet there is a deeper topic of doing things in a way that is complimentary to the human being, yet it has an external form of 'making sense'.

But the real pleasure in its source, prior to being dressed in chochmah is stripped of form – it is higher than any form (eino bah beshum ziur klal). Chochmah means 'wisdom'. Why is it called 'chochmah'? It takes pure wisdom, there is no practical reason for the search – chochmah just says, 'this is it!' In chochmah one senses there is a fundamental reality in truth.

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