Thursday, January 26, 2012

“You are His Child” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 2 Shvat  

Page 69 – at about the lower quarter of the page (line starts, 'tynug ha-atzmi...')
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We have been introduced to a new dimension – atzmus mamash – 'actual' essence. This is separate from tynug ha-atzmi / the essential pleasure.

We will in some way point to atzmus mamash. And then point out that the souls of Israel are rooted there – 'to substitute them with others is not possible'. 

The analogy; if one is a guest in someone's home there are 2 distinct elements. One is the means by which one is welcomed – the meal, tea, and conversation. And then there is the host himself. The meal and the means of welcome are the tynug/pleasure. But the element that goes beyond expression is his very presence.

We say the child is rooted in actual essence and there can be no substitution. A person has a child because of his essence, not due to any other qualities. This is in contrast with friendship which is based on affinity. A father and son don't complement each other – they are each other. This is beyond tynug atzmi – essential pleasure. The only way to express it is, “it is impossible to substitute for another!” 

The son becomes 100% separate from the father and stands on his own feet – he seeks to 'reinvent' what he learned from his father. He needs to relate to what was taught to him – not just accept it.

The son's life and decisions are his, but what did he get from his father? He got the essential reality. It a child gets from his father the idea, 'life is good' without any explanation and based on his own (the father's) experience, then that will be the basis of the son's decisions. There is a reality that is the same for the father and the son.

A father has a child, because, 'life is real' – it goes beyond any experience. This is expressed in the independence of the son. The son also senses this reality.

The souls of Israel are rooted in G-dliness, but on top of this is a unique quality – the quality of bechirah/choice. This is rooted in the absolute reality of the entity. Where does a soul have this quality? Psychologists even say a person is just the sum of his experiences, and that he doesn't have choice! We say we have a soul that has total independence. Man has choice. This is akin to his Creator. This is like the son and the father. The son has all the elements of independence of his father – the son comes from the reality of his father, not the qualities.

The son gets the father's infinity, not his qualities.

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